Software Review: SQLNetHub’s Snippets Generator

Introducing: Snippets Generator

This software review is about SQLNetHub’s Snippets Generator. Snippets Generator is a productivity tool that can help you work faster and more efficient, when working with SQL Server Management Studio developing SQL scripts.

Snippets Generator Dashboard
Figure 1: Snippets Generator Dashboard


Snippets Generator, via its intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), enables you to easily create SQL snippets which you can save as files, and then import them in SQL Server Management Studio’s Code Snippet Manager.


Creating a New SQL Snippet

Creating a snippet in Snippets Generator is very easy.

Right after you start the program, you just click on the “New Snippet” icon and the respective screen comes up. Then, you enter some metadata such as: Title, Description and Author Name, and you select the Snippet Type which can either be “Expansion” or “SurroundsWith”.

SQLNetHub's Snippets Generator - Creating a New Snippet
Figure 2: Creating a New Snippet.


The final and most important part of the new snippet creation process, is to write the SQL script. Snippets Generator also helps you with that. Using the “Snippet Templates Library”, you can find and use templates that will allow you to write the SQL script faster.


Opening an Existing SQL Snippet

Snippets Generator allows you to open an existing SQL Snippet and based on it, to generate a new one.

To do this, you just click on the “Open Snippet” icon, open the file, and the snippet editor will automatically open and populate a new snippet’s fields with the data of the existing snippet. The rest of the process, is exactly the same like creating a new snippet.


Snippet Templates Library

Snippets Template Library is another feature in Snippets Generator that boost your productivity. With Snippets Template Library, you can use templates of commonly used SQL scripts, in order to help you create your SQL Server snippet easier.

If you have the Ultimate Edition of the tool, you can also save snippets as custom templates for future use.

SQLNetHub's Snippets Generator - Snippet Templates Library
Figure 3: Snippet Templates Library.


Program Options

Program Options let you further customize the program to your needs. For example, you can set dashboard not to show up first on startup, hide the “Check Also” section on start page, limit the number of characters, and more.

SQLNetHub's Snippets Generator - Program Options
Figure 4: Program Options.


Snippets Generator Editions

Snippets Generator comes in two editions/versions:

The free 14-day trial version, provides basic functionality and allows you to test how Snippets Generator work for 14-days, and if you like the tool, then you can upgrade to the Ultimate Edition.

For more details regarding what functionality each Edition of Snippets Generator offers, please check the below table:

Generate SQL Code Snippets
Modify Existing Snippets
Use Built-In Snippet Templates
Create Custom Snippet Templates in Library
Use and Set Program Options
Max Allowed Number of Characters in Snippet’s T-SQL Code (including whitespaces)

Executive Summary

SQLNetHub’s Snippets Generator is a simple to use but powerful tool that can boost your Productivity when writing T-SQL Code in SQL Server Management Studio. Via its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and rich set of options, you can easily generate SQL Snippets for SQL Server Management Studio.


How to Get Snippets Generator

You can download the Free 14-Day Trial Version of Snippets Generator by clicking on any of the below two links.

Download Snippets Generator

Download Snippets Generator


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