What can you do using SQL Server?

In this article, we discuss about the different tasks you can perform, when using the Microsoft SQL Server Data Platform.

SQL Server is one of the world’s leading data platforms. If you are just starting out with SQL Server, I’m sure that the first questions that comes in your mind is what can you do using SQL Server? What are the possibilities, the available features, and many other similar questions.

Taken from my course on Udemy “SQL Server Fundamentals“, below you can a list of some of the stuff you can do with SQL Server.

So, with SQL Server you can:

  • Store, organize, and process your data with the use of Databases, and other Database Objects
  • Transform raw data into meaningful insights and knowledge
    • You can do this using a variety of methods such as:
  • Process very large volumes of data (on disk and in-memory)
    • In-Memory OLTP
      • In-Memory OLTP is SQL Server’s built-in In-Memory Optimization engine, that allows you to load and process very large volumes of data very fast and efficiently (learn more).
  • Perform Business Intelligence operations (i.e. set up a Data Warehouse) and run complex analytics
    • SQL Server Data Warehousing capabilities, allows you to bring together data from different sources, analyze it and find useful insights for your business (learn more).
  • Produce sophisticated reports
    • With SQL Server Reporting Services, you can create, deploy and manage rich reports (learn more). SQL Server Reporting Services, offer an updated suite of products:
      • Modern-looking paginated reports
      • New mobile reports with a responsive layout
      • A modern web portal you can view in any modern browser
  • Work with encrypted data
    • SQL Server offers a variety of data encryption mechanisms. The major mechanisms are:
      • Support for SSL certificates (encrypt data in-motion)
      • Support for Transparent Data Encryption (encrypt data at-rest)
      • Backup encryption (encrypt data at-rest)
      • Column/Cell-Level Encryption (encrypt data at-rest)
      • Always Encrypted (encrypt data at-rest – client-side implementation of encryption for SQL Server)
      • …Learn more
  • Apply Machine Learning algorithms and operations against your data
    • Since the 2017 release, SQL Server supports Machine Learning. It is an add-on to a database engine instance, used for executing R and Python code on SQL Server (learn more).
  • Perform and Deploy Data integrations, ETL, etc.
    • Data integrations and in general Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) operations in SQL Server, are processes that allow you to import data from various sources, transform it based on a given logic, and import it into one ore more destination tables. SQL Server provides more than one method for implementing ETL processes. The major methods are:
  • …and much more!

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