What are T-SQL Snippets in SSMS?

Hi friends, in this article, we will be discussing about T-SQL snippets in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).


What is a T-SQL Snippet?

In the Computer Programming world, a snippet is a piece of reusable source code that can be easily incorporated into larger sections of code. Similarly, in SQL Server, a T-SQL snippet is a template of code containing the basic structure of a T-SQL statement or block.


Types of T-SQL Snippets in SQL Server

There are two types of T-SQL snippets: (i) Expansion, (ii) Surround-with.

Expansion T-SQL snippets, when used, are added in your code right after the cursor.

Surround-with snippets, when used, encapsulate the highlighted T-SQL code. An example of the Surround-with snippets is the IF statement or BEGIN…END etc.

What are T-SQL Snippets in SSMS? - Article on {essentialDevTips.com}

The below screenshot shows an example on how you can use a snippet in SQL Server Management Studio. After right clicking within the Query Window, in this example I selected “Insert Snippet” (you can also make use of the key combination Ctrl+K and Ctrl+X) and then selected the “Create Index Basic” snippet:

What are T-SQL Snippets in SSMS? - Article on {essentialDevTips.com}

As you can see, the result was to get the template T-SQL code of a CREATE INDEX statement in the Query Window:

What are T-SQL Snippets in SSMS? - Article on {essentialDevTips.com}


How do I Create a T-SQL Snippet in SSMS?

Now, the question everybody might have: How do I create a T-SQL snippet?

Well, you have two options towards creating a new T-SQL snippet:

  • You can either do this manually by following the instructions in this article, or:
  • You can use a Graphical User Interface tool for this purpose.


Creating T-SQL Snippets with Snippets Generator

A recommended tool for easily creating T-SQL Snippets for SQL Server Management Tool 2012 or later, is SQLNetHub’s Snippets Generator (see below screenshot).

With Snippets Generator, you can create and modify T-SQL snippets, apply syntax highlighting and code formatting, as well as store your T-SQL snippets as templates.

What are T-SQL Snippets in SSMS? - Article on {essentialDevTips.com}

With the Snippet Templates library, you can use built-in templates for creating your own T-SQL snippets, but also store your snippets as templates in order to be able to create more complex snippets at any time in the future.

What are T-SQL Snippets in SSMS? - Article on {essentialDevTips.com}

You can learn more about Snippets Generator on the official website.


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